I. Definitions
In these disclaimer conditions the terms stated below have the following meaning:
1. Henzo: Henzo B.V. and / or directly related enterprises.
2. User: you being the final user of the Web site.
3. Web site: the Henzo web site www.henzo.nl and all other Henzo B.V. sites and sites of its related enterprises, connected to the Henzo web site by means of links.
4. Information: the contents of the Web site and all information, images, brands, logos and icons concerning Henzo and its related enterprises, services and products.

II. Disclaimer’s functioning
1. This disclaimer is applicable to the use of the Web site.
2. No fee is due for admittance to the Web site.
3. By contacting and staying in contact with the Henzo web site the User agrees with this disclaimer.
4. Henzo reserves the right to alter this disclaimer. If the disclaimer is altered this will be announced via the Henzo web site. If the User continues to contact the Web site after the announcement of such an alteration, he is considered to agree with the alteration(s) concerned. It is the User’s responsibility to read this disclaimer after its alteration to note the alterations concerned.
5. If the User does not agree with the altered conditions, the User is to stop the use of the Web site immediately.

III. Correctness of Information
1. The Web site and Information on the Web site are published on the basis of the data known to the web master of the Henzo web site. Neither Henzo nor the web master of the Web site can vouch for or take responsibility for the correctness, reliability and completeness of the Information, or whether the Information is fit for a certain purpose.
2. The User also acknowledges that certain Information is provided to Henzo by third parties and that Henzo therefore cannot offer any kind of guarantee concerning such information.
3. Henzo strives to keep the site available for the public as much as possible but can at any time restrict or interrupt the admittance to the site for maintenance and updates etc. 4. The Web site holds references or hyperlinks to other sites outside the Henzo territory. These were added for the information of the Web site users and selected in good faith. Henzo is not responsible for the contents or the availability of these sites or sources. Henzo does not offer any guaranty nor accepts any responsibility concerning the contents, data, advice, declarations, software, products or other material of such sites or sources.

IV. Viruses
Henzo cannot guarantee that the Henzo web site and the servers used for the site are free of computer viruses and will therefore not accept any responsibility for it.

V. Responsibility restrictions
Henzo cannot be held responsible by the User on account of agreement, illegal action, neglect, legal duty or on any other basis for the loss of or damage of any kind resulting from or in any way connected to the use of or the functioning of the Web site, including, but not restricted to, compensation for the loss on industrial activities, loss of profit, interruption of industrial activities, loss of industrial information or any other form of financial damage.

VI. Rights of intellectual property
1. Henzo or its licensers are the owners of the Information. Laws and rules internationally protect this proprietary right. The Information may only be used for personal, non-commercial applications. It is prohibited to spread or duplicate the Information in any way other than for personal, non-commercial use. For any other use permission, written by Henzo in advance, is required.
2. It is prohibited to copy parts of the Web site electronically or in any other way apart from copies that are necessary in order to contact this Web site efficiently via the Internet and make use of the services offered on it.

VII. Links
1. It is allowed to add hyperlinks to the Web site, as long as links are made only and directly to the homepage www.henzo.nl. Henzo therefore positively reserves the right to oppose so-called ‘deep links’ directly to certain parts of the Web site.
2. It is prohibited to make a hyperlink to the Web site function to the effect that an Internet user may view the Web site in a frame of a different Internet page.
3. It is prohibited to make a hyperlink to the Web site function to the effect that the disclaimer concerned is not immediately or not fully visible.

VIII. Privacy
1. By entering personal data into and by using the automatic question and answer possibility of the Henzo web site, the User agrees with the saving of these personal data in one or more data bases.
2. Henzo respects the privacy of the User and therefore personal data are carefully dealt with. On the User’s request these personal data may be removed or made anonymous.
3. Henzo will only lend personal data provided by the User to Henzo related companies and not to other companies. Statistical information and other anonymous information may be lent to others. 4. In case Henzo partly or fully sells or in any other way disposes of its industrial activities, Henzo reserves the right to convey personal data as a part of its industrial assets.
5. To adapt the Web site to the User’s personal situation, Henzo uses so-called ‘cookies’: small pieces of information that are left behind on the User’s hard disk. The User may consult the browser’s help menu to obtain information as to how the computer’s adjustments may be altered to the effect that each time the computer receives a cookie a message is made visible or that all cookies should be refused. When all cookies are refused it is possible that some parts of the Web site do not function.
6. Henzo reserves the right to publish your personal information in order to meet applicable legislation and rules, or to meet legal requests of governments, organisations or persons engaged on upholding the law or parties whose request is held reasonably justified by Henzo concerning accusations by any party concerning improper use of our Web site, to make systems function properly or to protect Henzo or Users. 7. The registration is announced to the The Hague Register Office, The Netherlands.

IX. Agreement
1. If Henzo and the User come to an agreement Henzo’s general conditions are applicable.
2. Applicability of other general conditions than Henzo’s general conditions is herewith pointedly precluded.
3. Information on and a copy of the general conditions may be applied for at the Henzo customer service department.

X. Clause of divisibility
If any stipulation of this disclaimer is declared not binding, this does not impede the binding of the other stipulations of these conditions. In case of nullification of one or more stipulations of these conditions parties will be bound by rules that are as much as possible of similar purport, which are not liable to nullification.

XI. Other
This disclaimer is drawn up in Dutch as well as in English. In case of any discrepancy between the content and the explanation of the Dutch and the English text of this disclaimer, the content and explanation of the Dutch text goes.

XII. Applicable right
1. Dutch justice is applicable to the relation between Henzo and the User.
2. Any controversies may only be laid before the competent judge of the Roermond county court, The Netherlands